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October 23, 2013

So…ummmm, hi :)

Yea yea, I really suck at this consistent blogging thing. Its not necessarily about time, sometimes I just feel, well, less inspired I suppose. I finally drug out the SLR the other day and took a few shots, the first thing I wanted to do was rush back here and post them. So I just need to work on my inspiration I suppose.

I have some things rattling around in my head I would like to post. I have been dog training and learning the ways of being a ‘dog person’….which is odd since I am definitely more a cat person. It is nice to have a pet that can go with me places though (but I still prefer cuddling with the kitties!). Reece is a good girl too, pretty mellow and laid back so I can’t complain there.

Fire season has begun, the great equalizer

Bayou, Mia & Dexter are all doing fairly well.

Wannabe fat cat

Mia is just Mia… for food and being ornery most days. She plays with Reece now and again, but Reece is still young and gets over zealous at times, so Mia has learned how to tell a dog off too (which she needed to learn).

Crash pad

Dexter is starting to really show his age as of late. I think he is 15.5 now, and while he still gets around and eats well (and talks…a lot…like A LOT a lot), he is creaking and popping with every step anymore. He sounds a bit like a ticking clock walking around the house. He is on a couple meds and he doesn’t act like it slows him down, but it sucks to see another of our pets succumbing to aging joints. But just gotta live for today!

My Aviary-Edited Photo

Bayou has been less and less active this last year, so I took him in to be sedated and get a work up. He still REFUSES to sit still for an exam like the crazy monkey that he is (not a mean cat, just a nutty boy with super muscles and flexibility). We found he had a couple broken teeth that weren’t visible while he was awake, so he got a full dental. He is SO SO SO much better now. He is back to romping daily with Mia which she loves.

It had been less then 2 years since his last sedation work up, but I did not like that vet and I question if they gave him a good exam back then. Since I don’t know Bayou’s age (he is at least 12), seeing him grumpy and sleepy had me REALLY worried. It eases my heart to see him racing around again. So note to everyone, make sure your pets teeth are taken care of, they make a huge difference on your pets quality of life!

Fetch fetch fetch

That about sums up life around here. Chase the cats around, dog train, clean up after everyone, deal with emotional pregnant mum, repeat daily, lol.

Just wanted to post an update and a few random shots from the last month. Remember to check us out on Youtube as I still post there a couple times a week, flickr where most of my photos go, and on Facebook and Instagram as I add photos there as well. Thanks for stopping by!!


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